Top 10 tips to win big money in football betting

Here we will help you on your betting journey with 10 tips that will help you win at football betting.

1. Follow a tipster who will give you the best tips.

Yes, it is true, following a tipster does not guarantee you to win bets. However, following a good one will increase your chances. Why? For example, the Statips tipster. His tips are based on extensive research and analysis, which means that the ability to find "value" in a bet is much higher.

The reason we refer to Statips's Tipster as a benchmark tipster is because they provide more than two tips per day (on average) and an average monthly profit of almost €200, which is a return on investment of 10%. We know this is because Tipstrr leaves the information out in the open before you sign up, meaning the tipsters they feature are far more reliable than those you'll find elsewhere on the internet.

2. Try the parlay bets

Multi betting is a well-known betting strategy among experienced punters. Use the free bets offered by online bookmakers and then use a betting exchange to "lay" your bet to guarantee a profitable return. Combination bets are perfect when numerous matches are played on the same day, for example, in the Champions League or Europa League, if you want to get the most bang for your buck take a look at the UEFA Europa League tips on this page.

In a match result bet, the way it works is that your bet covers one potential outcome of the bet, i.e. "I bet that team A will win", while the "lay" element covers the other two, i.e. "I bet that team A will not win".

3. Consider arbitrage opportunities

OK, we've just touched on the fact that profit is king. Arbitrage bets are opportunities that guarantee you a profit. Generally, you will find that arbitrage bets generate profits of less than 5%. For those less comfortable with percentages, that means that for £100 bet you will make £5 profit.

4. Accept the small profits.

Argh! The amount of people you hear quoting big potential profits is infuriating. Anyone can place a bet that boasts a big return, but it counts for nothing unless their bet comes in. You will find very few professional bettors who set out to make huge profits. Why? Well, the odds are so long for a reason that they probably won't come in.

5. Understanding all betting markets

The standard market in football betting is the 'match result', where the outcome of a match is predicted, i.e. home win, away win or draw. However, there are countless other markets you can explore. We do not want to provide an exhaustive list, but to give you an idea of what is available, we have briefly detailed some of them:

Double Chance: this is a bet on the outcome of the match where two possible outcomes are covered, for example, home win or draw. It is an easier bet to win, but the odds are lower.

BTTS Result: again, similar to the match result bet, but in addition to correctly predicting the outcome of the match, both teams must score. It is a more difficult bet to win, but the odds are higher.

Over/Under: in this market it does not matter who wins the match. The only thing that matters is how many goals are scored.

6. Use different bookmakers

If you have been in the betting world for a considerable period of time, you will probably be aware of how odds can vary between bookmakers (this drives the arbitrage opportunities mentioned in tip 3). If you are new to football betting, this might surprise you. Think of it this way: you wouldn't shop at Waitrose and expect their products to be the same price as Lidl. Bookmakers are the same: they price an event the way they think it offers value.

7. Control your bets

Firstly, tracking your bets means it's impossible to falsely convince yourself how well you're doing, while the other reason makes you more money. How? Well, as your "data" accumulates, you can quickly see which bets - and which markets - are contributing most to your winnings. If there's a market where you're consistently losing money, you can drop it. Similarly, if you are winning a lot of bets in one market, consider placing more bets of that nature.

8. Never bet with your instinct

You may be familiar with the "gut feeling" that punters have when placing a bet. If you're serious about making consistent money on football betting, forget about following your gut. Your gut feeling counts for little in betting, just like following your heart over your head. So what's the opposite of trusting your gut? Do your research.

9. Consider accumulating in betting.

Forget everything you know about the word "accumulator" because a rolling accumulator is not the same thing. Instead of making multiple selections on the same betting slip, you choose one event to bet on. When it wins, you choose another solitary event to place all your winnings on and so on.

10. Don't be afraid of losing a bet.

Unfortunately, with the exception of a couple of these tips, we are talking about full-blown gambling and that means you can - and will - lose bets. Everyone loses bets from time to time.